Great Movie!

By mrsvann05
Written January 28, 2015
Everybody should see this one, especially married couples. As all Tyler Perry's movies, it teaches you a lesson and sends a message that everything is not always greener on the other side.
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Temptation at its best !

By barabinnicole
Written March 31, 2013
okay so first off, i am a super fan of Tyler Perry and all of his movies and plays. I have seen every last one of them and enjoy every last of them. I have seen the play to this movie, and the movie is way better than the play. Everything about this movie was so great, the actors, the music, the scenery, and including the random black folk in the audience whom i watched it with. No One in the world can say that this movie was bad, or it was a waste of time and money. The only people that can say that are the people who are living Judith's and Harley's life, but then again if you did, you still wouldn't admit it. This is a great film, and one of Tyler's greatest work. For all the people who is saying that it wasn't that great, and your disappointed needs to shut up, because clearly you are not the director and no one is paying you to give an opinion. This was a great film, and i am so happy i spent my money TWICE to see this movie and i'm proud of Tyler. LOVED IT !! btw i'm 12
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This movie is a good dose of reality. Tears of joy.

By pretty_v
Written January 29, 2015
This was a very good movie. A good dose of reality for individuals that are in relationships and are not happy with there partner. Some of the issues discussed in this movie really touched home. I can honestly say this movie got me thinking about life and relationships. I had a tear in my eyes after the movie. Kim K did a good job. It wasn't the best but it was good and Vanessa Williams i was waiting for somebody to mention her fake accent. That was hilarious.
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Tyler Perry did a great job.

By Fruitbowlk
Written August 23, 2014
I went to see the movie last night and I loved the movie, it was a very sad but a very real story. This is also a story that you can learn from someone's sad mistake. This is a movie that I would recommend to everyone.
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By cleverwatson
Written December 20, 2014
Not empressed. Im an all out fan, but not one of his best movies. This was so typical, and Kim Kardashian, poor actress choice, girl has no emotions. Maybe, maybe.... a good movie to use for couples considering marriage.
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