Don't Hate, Appreciate

By clearlenz
Written March 30, 2013
I don't understand all of the negative criticism. There are MUCH worse films than Temptation. Movies are supposed to entertain and Tyler succeeded. I thought he told a seductive story in a tasteful manner. I left the theater thinking about the choices that I made in my own life. The movie also reminded audience members to think carefully about who they allow into their lives. Thus, Perry did more than entertain, which gives his movie more value. I do think Perry should hone his skills in character development and lighting. I could not see Brice for a large portion of the movie :-/ Nonetheless, the hyper-criticism needs to stop. If caricatures can exist in Oscar winning films like Django, then why dismiss Tyler Perry's efforts. I see an Oscar nomination in the future :-) And I'm not being sarcastic. Perry is capable of producing quality work, he just needs to invest in the craft more. How many other people are doing what he's doing? He deserves much more respect.
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same ole same ole tyler perry

By kerwin_cook
Written April 16, 2013
It's the same subject plot just from a different point of view. He needs more subject matter before I go and see anything by Tyler Perry again. Wait for the bootleg.
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My "Black" is beautiful. Love the cast. Thumbs up Tyler P.

By imluvnit3
Written March 30, 2013
The movie overall was good!! I wish the end would've ended alittle differently. Kim K. part was perfect for her. Jollet has always been a great actress. An Lance oh Lance can be my cowboy AnyDay.
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By jgraham753
Written April 01, 2013
Good storyline, good actors and acting. I think the subtle suspense kept your interest with a surprise but not shocking ending. If it's not rated PG 13 I think that age group and up could enjoy the acting and learn something from the storyline.
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Written March 31, 2013
This was an AWESOME movie. As this movie relates to the "real" happenings of our generation today, it reveals the TRUTH! As I watched this movie, I began to pray because as a generation of "casual sex" is alive, there is not enough viewing of what the end may be. For instance, we must know that our decisions now may affect us for the rest of our lives. The plot and setting of this movie is just what we all need to know. Hats off to Tyler Perry again!!
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