NOT HIS BEST, but not his worst either IMO !

By perryshaunah
Written September 01, 2014
It was a MOVIE, some sadness, some good times. HA HA HA! (We) love to laugh don't WE? Seriously though in all honesty, it took TOOOOOOOOOOO LONG for this one to get to the point. This MOVIE had more turns than a winding road that was 15 miles long. WHAT was up with the 5 second shower scene? LITERALLY SPEAKING ! THE MESSAGE, WAS definitely stronger than the movie and this movie COULD POSSIBLY make you reconsider your thoughts on cheating / leaving etc., IF you think that you could be happier elsewhere. MY advice is to see the movie for yourself and form your own opinions. I will say that the best time to see this movie is in the daytime, that way you may have a chance to ACTUALLY hear what's going on. KIM WAS ALRIGHT, but not OSCAR worthy just yet. IF she continues to climb KANYE'S (ladder) though, she just may end up on (TOP) in the real world. NOT !!!!!! Jurnee was worth watching (AALIYAH'S twin) but Robbie got ROBBED of his looks..........Tyrese wouldv'e owned that role.
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By michelle_521
Written August 02, 2014
EXCELLENT!!! Tyler Perry brought a real life situation to the screen. We all have been there or at least thought about it. Thank you for the realistic reminder MCF
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By Needagoodmovie43
Written July 28, 2014
The movie was pretty good. It started out kind of slow but finally picked up the pace. The only beef I have with Tyler Perry movies is their predictability. I just want to be on the edge of my seat at least one time. This is not a kids movie because of some of the content.
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Avoid evening show

By DavidVance2000
Written July 30, 2014
The movie was predictable. Story line was typical, but it was worth the admission price I thought. I felt that people in the audience (when they weren't talking and going "mmm hmmm girl, you go ahead" ) seemed to be enjoying the show. I was mostly distracted by the two sistas facebooking in front of me, my fault for going to a black movie premier opening day, in the evening. Don't expect a surprise ending but do expect to gasp and be entertained by the "no he didn't moments."
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So-so acting - but great message

By SweetyAngel1432
Written July 28, 2014
The acting in this movie was so-so. I did not like the way Tyler Perry portrayed Kim Kardashian - although she apparently was ok with it. The message was very powerful, and I have no doubt this movie can possible save marriages. Overall, I would recommend seeing it - whether in the theater or on DVD/Blu-Ray.
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