Tyler Perry's TEMPTATION

By lakenya1908
Written May 28, 2017
This movie is great! It truly makes you appreciate what you have. If you think your relationship is boring, this shows you the grass is not always green as it appears to be on the other side!
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By mym111777b
Written June 26, 2016
My daughter and I went to see this movie on Friday, 3/29 and I'm so glad we did. The movie brought to film for all ages and genders that what appears to be good may not be good for you. While we all hit those stagnant moments in our lives we should hold fast to what we believe in, our faith and people who truly love us and never take what we have for granted because it could quickly be gone, when the wrong decisions are being made. Regardless of what others may think, Kim Kardashian played a very important role in the movie and gave the contrast needed to make the biggest points of all: Looks can be deceiving and it's what is on the inside of you that matters!
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By sbrown7717
Written August 28, 2016
The movie brings to light the cliche that the grass is always greener on the other sided..until you get there. Loved the movie..I believe that any age would be able to view it
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By only1incognito
Written February 20, 2017
*Deep Sigh.* I was very excited to see this movie opening night with my girls The movie has a very good story line however, the slow pace killed my excitement. The entire cast did an excellent job. Vanessa Williams is still that chick! I would encourage everyone to see the movie and form your own opinion. I personally could have waited to rent this movie via RedBox.
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Not Tyler Perry At His Best

By MarltonAuthor
Written May 23, 2016
The movie began with a promising premise. It was evident early on where it was going, but the character of the male antagonist took a 180-degree turn that was neither logical nor consistent with what preceded it. That ruined the movie for me. The plot wasn't logical. I won't give anything anyway for those who want to see it. I just think the change in the man's character was unrealistic. I also thought Kim Kardashian's character was unnecessarily mean-spirited and absurd. Tyler has been raving about her performance during TV interviews. To me, it was like watching her being Kim Kardashian. I saw nothing innovative or creative about her character that would lead me to believe she can act effectively outside of reality television. I am a Tyler Perry fan, but for me, this was not his best work. As a retired English teacher, I give it a C.
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