Slant Magazine

When its third act erupts into full-blown theatrical maximalism, Tyler Perry's Temptation practically turns into Brian De Palma's Temptation.
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Entertainment Weekly

A few wild, third-act twists give Perry's middling melodrama some soap-opera kick. But all the finger-wagging sure does get tiring after a while.
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New York Daily News

The mixed tones don't quite meld; While Smollet-Bell is fine, the broad comedy is so sporadic it feels out of place.
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Movie Nation

By Roger Moore
Cranking out two formulaic movies like this a year show the Atlanta mogul’s true ambition — replacing all those soap operas TV is canceling, two hours at a time.
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By William Goss
By any measure, 'Temptation' ranks amongst Tyler Perry's worst.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Onscreen, it somehow manages to be at once wildly overblown and terminally boring.
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The New York Times

By Andy Webster
Limp pacing and countless shots of Washington’s skyline plague the narrative. Ms. Smollett-Bell exudes an earthy appeal, but it’s the charismatic Mr. Jones who steals the picture. Given all the stifling preachiness, that’s to be expected.
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Village Voice

Temptation’s refusal to find nuance in its didactic worldview ensures that the film will ultimately only succeed for audiences already in agreement with it.
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The film is flat-out ludicrous from beginning to end.
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Time Out New York

By Nick Schager
That sort of fire-and-brimstone morality dominates this one-note sermon, which pairs its pedantic preaching with the campiness of Vanessa Williams speaking in an absurd French accent and Kim Kardashian as the protagonist’s bitchy fashionista coworker, vainly trying to act.
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27 out of 100
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