Tyler Perry's Temptation Synopsis
A relationship expert (Jurnee Smollett) puts her own marriage in jeopardy by sleeping with a client.
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Tyler Perry's TEMPTATION

By lakenya1908
This movie is great! It truly makes you appreciate what you have. If you think your relationship is boring, this shows you the grass is not always green as it appears to be on the other side!...


By mym111777b
My daughter and I went to see this movie on Friday, 3/29 and I'm so glad we did. The movie brought to film for all ages and genders that what appears to be good may not be good for you. While we...


By sbrown7717
The movie brings to light the cliche that the grass is always greener on the other sided..until you get there. Loved the movie..I believe that any age would be able to view it...


By only1incognito
*Deep Sigh.* I was very excited to see this movie opening night with my girls The movie has a very good story line however, the slow pace killed my excitement. The entire cast did an excellent...

Not Tyler Perry At His Best

By MarltonAuthor
The movie began with a promising premise. It was evident early on where it was going, but the character of the male antagonist took a 180-degree turn that was neither logical nor consistent with...

I love TP Movies BUT....

By MovieBuff1485
This has to be his worst film ever. Save your money and wait for it to come out on the Lifetime Movie Network...You will have a better appreciation for it and you will be $12 richer....

NOT HIS BEST, but not his worst either IMO !

By perryshaunah
It was a MOVIE, some sadness, some good times. HA HA HA! (We) love to laugh don't WE? Seriously though in all honesty, it took TOOOOOOOOOOO LONG for this one to get to the point. This MOVIE had more...

Over the Top Dot Com

By dd_chapman
In traditional Tyler Perry fashion this film cannot have just one issue. We have to compound the drama by adding every issue known to man. Don't get me wrong, Jurnee was outstanding as usual. Lance...

Could have waited for the DVD/Blu-ray

By dinky_duper
This movie was extremely predictable. It had its moments, but there wasn't enough content to steadily keep your interest. The sub-plots and twists were something out of a cheap, dollar-store romance...


By Steeltown Warrior
I loved the movie!! I felt it was powerful and one of Tyler Perry's best!! I would see it again! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD and Blu Ray! It had a great lesson, and just was powerful! It...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Violence, Sexuality and Drug Content
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Common Sense Media says Soapy melodrama has mixed messages about love and marriage.
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