Another Hit from Tyler Perry

By Divabee
Written March 20, 2008
I absolutely loved this movie, I was out of town and got to go to a sneak preview, it was awesome. I'm going to go and see it again, tomorrow or saturday.
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Great Movie For Christian Family

By helo0626
Written April 11, 2008
The movie was a surprise to me because it did not follow the original play script. Usually Tyler Perry would keep mostly to the play but he changed it dramatically. Even thought the movie was great. The way he wrote it was to reach not only to the Christian community but those that were unsaved as well. This is very comedic, romantic, and dramatic. Brown is absolutely hilarious so go and see it and buy it when i comes out.
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Meet The Browns

By vanikki
Written March 24, 2008
The movie was good, but it surprised me to have a mixture of the stage plays, Meet The Browns and Wat's Don in the Dark.
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Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns

By sdwoct8
Written April 10, 2008
I loved the movie. A group of ladies and I took my sister to the movie for her birthday and everyone loved it. Some of the ladies and my sister are in their early sixtys and are cautious about going to the movie, but this movie got six thumbs up from each of us.
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Meet The Browns

By DmCrockett
Written March 23, 2008
I loved the movie, very family oriented. I took my oldest son with me and he was not a fan of Tyler Perry movies, but he is now!! I laughed, I cried. There were heart wrenching moments, serious drama, and lotsa laughs. Brown was a little over the top, but he usually is. Tyler Perry always honors women and I appreciate that. Thank God for you Tyler--Great job!! I may go see it again. I will definitely buy the dvd!
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