By cav87
Written March 04, 2015
To me it was the best madea movie made...Was funny from start to end... Great job Tyler Perry!! I will pay to see it again.... The acting, directing, was the best... The kids where laughing older generations were laughing,EVERYONE WAS LAUGHING ....LOL
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Tyler Perry's greatest movie yet!

By cmberry629
Written June 30, 2012
This is by far the absolute best Madea movie yet! It will make you laugh until your jaws AND stomach hurt!! Madea never fails to surprise you with the hilarious sayings and expressions that just flow right out of "her" mouth! It is a definite MUST GO SEE movie!!
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By ndhurst
Written February 14, 2016
Tyler Perry is very talented! Sharp & wise. Every movie/play that I've seen is great! Always a Christian message....something everyone needs during these very trying times! Can't wait for Alex Cross to come to the theaters! BRAVO TYLER!
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Madea's witness protection

By wewillis
Written May 29, 2016
Funny from start to finish, you will love this movie. Medea gets better with age. Good for all ages however some of the humer will go over the heads of younger viewers.
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Madea's Witness Protection

By BrownSugarBabe12
Written July 02, 2012
The movie was awesome. Tyler Perry continues to produce excellent work. It is a must see. I will be glad when it comes out on DVD. I will add it to my collection. I'm excited to see what Tyler comes out with next. God is doing an awesome work in him. Please go out and see this you will not be disappointed. It will make you laugh through the entire movie.
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