Oh its bad

By thepudum
Written July 26, 2016
Me and my friends went to the movies and decided to see MWPP expecting it to be nonstop laughing movie. Well a soon as we walked in the movie theater we noticed something...... NO ONE WAS THERE! It really surprised me since it was a friday night, and i didn't think it could be THAT bad. I was wrong. The movies plot was not the best, the jokes were unfunny and did not even stick with me. As the movie went on we stopped paying attention and left when we didn't even know it was over. I basically payed to talk with my friends in the dark in an empty theater. In my full opinion, i say save your money and watch the dark knight rises or EVEN BRAVE.(its that bad). Hope this helped and please take my advice. DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE!
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Madea's Witness Protection

By sluggerette4lyfe
Written January 18, 2017
The movie was a good family movie, filled with a message as well as lots of laughs. Not the typical Tyler Perry Madea. But over all family enjoyed it. Waiting for the next one
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Madea's Witness Protection

By nbdeuno
Written July 01, 2012
This is definetely one of the better Madea movies I have seen Madea was funny as heck and Eugene Levy brought out the best in Madea. Funny from beginning to end.
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MADEA'S Witness Protection

By lovetylermovies
Written October 26, 2016
As always I loved the movie. It was funny till the end and I needed that. I just got some terrible health news so I needed to relax and take the stress off. At first I was feeling so bad I thought I wasn't going to make it through the movie but I did. It was good Madea didn't even have to use her gun during the whole movie. lol. Tyler is a intelligent, strong, funny, and talented black actor and I thank God for him. Great Acting. I wish Tyler much success. I think everyone should go see the movie it is wonderful.
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Madea is Precious!

By egreavesjr
Written January 16, 2017
Who else by Tyler Perry could get John Amos and Marla Gibbs out ot the Witness Protection program? This is a fun movie, and even though Madea doesn't carry most her usual load, (not counting her breasts, of course) it still managed to have people leaving the theater still laughing until they cried. I mean, guys were talking about it in the Men's room after the show! Definitely a must-see twice movie.
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