madea witness protection

By hlayemo
Written July 01, 2012
Great , I enjoyed it. Tyler Perry delievered again. It was something that a family could see together. I have to see it again. actors was great and funny. It was funny , and yes I would allow my child to see it. I want tell the movie because it is something you would like to see for yourself. Please go see this movie -Again Tyler you rocked it .I would rate it a 10. A must see.
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Madea's Witness Protection

By nbdeuno
Written July 01, 2012
This is definetely one of the better Madea movies I have seen Madea was funny as heck and Eugene Levy brought out the best in Madea. Funny from beginning to end.
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Funny But More Of The Same

By portiamcgriff21
Written September 24, 2012
I love Tyler Perry. I think he is fantastic at telling the story and conveying serious messages with just the right amount of comedy. I guess I'm just ready to see something different come from his great mind. Overall the movie was good but it was more of the same that you would expect from Mr. TP.
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You gotta see this

By Sakbree
Written June 30, 2012
This movie was really funny I especially loved the scenes with Madea's Brother Joe. It was a really good story line and for people of all ages. Good Job Tyler Perry
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Rating for Witness Protection

By firsti1sg
Written July 08, 2012
My lovely wife was my date to observe this movie. It was a delight for me to see her laugh and enjoy herself in the manner which she displayed. I found myself several times highly hysterial and just losing it. I asked myself several times how was he (Perry) able to play himself in three seperate on screen characters at the sametime. Look what Eddie Murphy stated and Tyler Perry perfected. I would be the first to line up to see this family entertaining movie again. Seeing a movie twice is unheard of for me. My hat is off to Mr Perry. I am only curious to what he will come up with next (the sky is the limit).
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