Tyler's Worst Movie

By Makingthebook
Written April 24, 2011
Okay Tyler i'm going to have to be a little harsh with this one. You've been in the business long enough to create better work than this. I found this movie to be very sloppy. The dialogue was repetitive and the jokes sometimes had no punch line. The actors seemed at a lost for enthusiasm and lacked the chemistry to make this movie flow better. Tyler, please stop taking advantage of your overly loyal fans. Sit down and create a thoughtful storyline that will take your work to the next level. We are tired of your comedy-at-the-funeral-wedding-preachy-life lesson learned-baby daddy-angry black woman-cheating black man- formula. Come up with something new and maybe you'll gain the respect you seek from hollywood.
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support positive black films

By NikNSue
Written March 09, 2012
Not a big tyler perry fan but how can you hate on the one person making mainstream films with an all black cast?
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Awesome as always!!

By bigerica
Written April 23, 2011
Tyler Perry did a great job. The movie will keep you laughing one minute and crying the next. The acting was great and the writing was very true to real life situations. This is definitely a must see for those ages 13+
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By diva69
Written April 23, 2011
If you have not seen this movie yet, drop what you are doing and go NOW!! Be prepared to laugh almost NONSTOP. This is the BEST one yet!!! The actors, the story, EVERYONE wil LOVE this movie..... I want to go NOW!!
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By apartridge2
Written April 24, 2011
This movie was sooooo funny! Definitely Tyler Perry's BEST yet! My favorite is definitely the Maury parody.. everyone was in the theater crying laughing! And everyone stayed around thru the credits, just to take it all in!
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