Another Instant Classic

By The Apostle of God
Written February 20, 2009
Tyler Perry has done it again..I went to a private screening tonight...This really lives up to the hype. A must see movie...Madea is hilarious.
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funny movie

By edwinn_freeman
Written January 30, 2009
this movie is the funniest movie then all of the funnist movie.
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Waste of money

By K391
Written February 20, 2009
Too big of a hype, save your money!
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By ramp_7891
Written February 16, 2009
It a great movie.
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Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail

By hjw60453
Written March 28, 2009
I thought it was very funny in spots. Reminded me of the way some people acted when I was younger the I don't care what others think of what I do or say, I am old enough to do what I want if you don't like it well then get away from me. It is the way I hope to be when I get to be as old as Madea is. I would recommended it to friends and family and would see it again and even purchase dvd when it is out.
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