Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written October 03, 2009
Sucks! NO Talent anywhere, ever!
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Grrrreat movie

By elijahluke
Written June 27, 2007
I saw this movie and my wife told me, "you better get this movie for me".
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Daddy's Little Girls

By movie_lover38
Written March 08, 2007
I thought the movie was great
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Daddy's little girls

Written February 22, 2007
You must go see this movie. I went and saw it on opening night and was totally blown away. It's great to see single fathers potrayed in such a good way. I loved the three girls in it also. I was soo moved i went and saw it again!
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Tyler Perry Does It Again

By movieloversince_86
Written March 12, 2007
Daddy's Little Girl is definitely a "must see"! Besides the excellent choice of cast, this movie just really encaptured the audience. It was so real and relatable. For those who've been through, they felt like somebody understood and for those you haven't could still genuinely empathize for the father and those little girls. Tyler Perry did an excellent job with this one. usual!!! I LOVE'D IT!!!
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