No WOW factor

By ladorsey56
Written February 24, 2007
I liked the movie. But it did not reach out and grab me as he other movies. No much depth, It should have showed the man being exonerated for the false charges. We only found out about the charges being false through a news report.
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good movie

By Eye_candi_757
Written March 09, 2007

please go see it

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Good Inspiring Movie

By iluvray76
Written February 28, 2007
I thought the movie was very inspiring. It sets the example of how a man should really care about his girls and have control over his love life. I think that every deadbeat dad should go and see this.
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Really Nice Feel-Good Movie

By deghostrider
Written February 22, 2007
I thought this one was a good combination of romance, humor, and drama. Idris Elba is a very good actor, and how can anyone not love Gabrielle? It was possibly a little hokey at the end, but so what? It was a fun movie with a happy ending. The girls get to look at Edris, and the guys get to look at Gabrielle. Really cool...
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Real Good Movie

By smithlittle2
Written February 26, 2007
I enjoyed the movie. It was a very good movie. At the end of the movie it had me crying. I can't wait until it comes out on video so that I can buy it.
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