Daddy's Little Girls

By movie critica
Written March 13, 2007
While I enjoyed the movie, I was not pleased with the quickness of the ending. I also felt like the main characters were not well developed and the supporting characters were a tad bit unbelievable. I felt like a lot of the situations in the movie were very unrealistic. That said, I always enjoy how Tyler Perry brings together the best African American actors. If nothing eles his movies are always pleasing to the eyes and ears (awsome soundtrack).
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Great story about positive black males

By cjoette
Written March 06, 2007
Great story that shows the other side from what the media presents are typical black men. there are responsible black men out there trying to do the right thing. This move definitely tytpified that.
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Hilarious and Heartwarming

By TechnicMousse
Written March 26, 2007
That was probably one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while. You can't help but admire the cast in the movie. Once again Gabrielle Union plays a very successful yet stone-cold character who, by chance, meets the leading man. In a weird twist of fate, she quickly becomes emerged in his battle to get custody of his three daughter from their trickin' mother and her drug dealing boyfriend. It's a great movie of inspiration and triumph, not to mention hilarious. Watch it.
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Really Nice Feel-Good Movie

By deghostrider
Written February 22, 2007
I thought this one was a good combination of romance, humor, and drama. Idris Elba is a very good actor, and how can anyone not love Gabrielle? It was possibly a little hokey at the end, but so what? It was a fun movie with a happy ending. The girls get to look at Edris, and the guys get to look at Gabrielle. Really cool...
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Tyler Perry`s Daddy`s Little Grils

By Gmuhammad11
Written February 19, 2007
Mr Perry has done a great job. His work just gets better and better.
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