Daddy's Little Girls

By 1fabulous_diva
Written February 27, 2007
Let me say this first: I LOVE TYLER PERRY!!! and will watch anything he produces. While the movie praises the hard-working black man (LOVE IT!) who takes care of his family (LOVE IT) and knows how to love a beautiful black woman (DOUBLE LOVE IT!), I just wish the storyline wasn't SOOOOOO predictable, and the characters were a bit more complex and realistic. :-( One example that particularly left a bad taste in my mouth was the girls' mother; this character was not only a bad mother, but she was OVER THE TOP bad with absolutely no redeeming qualities. I mean, why not make the character bad, but conflicted to show just a bit of humanity (LOL!) Oh well, I know I complain, but I'll sure enough be the first in line for his next one. :) :) :)
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Tyler Perry's Daddy Little Girls

By carlynjabouin
Written March 12, 2007
I loved the movie very much. I liked how the father took care of his children and he was very hard-working. Also, I loved the romantic aspect between the two main characters.
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Simply Awesome

By MrSincere
Written March 05, 2007
My date and I truly enjoyed the movie to the point I thought my date was acting in it as well. I highly recommend it.
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Tyler's Perry Daddy's Little Girls

By rcg122082
Written March 11, 2007
This movie was excellent. It really depicted the way of life for an African American man living in Atlanta as a single parent.
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You must take the family

By datas247
Written January 02, 2008
We loved this movie. I would like to put it out there for everyone to go see it. It's a must go if you like Tyler.
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