Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls

By sexcgrl23
Written March 06, 2007
I thought the message in this movie was wonderful. It is so refreshing to see a Black man depicted as positive. It highlighted some the realities in the urban community. The main characters were wonderful, however I felt the supportng cast needed some more acting classes. Nevertheless, the movie was a definte GO!
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Tyler Perry Does It Again

By movieloversince_86
Written March 12, 2007
Daddy's Little Girl is definitely a "must see"! Besides the excellent choice of cast, this movie just really encaptured the audience. It was so real and relatable. For those who've been through, they felt like somebody understood and for those you haven't could still genuinely empathize for the father and those little girls. Tyler Perry did an excellent job with this one. ..as usual!!! I LOVE'D IT!!!
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Daddy's Little Girls

By richglo
Written March 13, 2007
Great film, good actors and great story.
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A Strong Independent Woman Must See

By Brendettae
Written October 08, 2007
If you're a strong independent "dont need a man..." woman, you gotta see this movie. Dont miss your man b/c of your job title. Idris and Gabrielle did an awesome job!
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tyler perry's daddy's little girls

By ilikemovies2much
Written February 16, 2007
oh my god where do i start, this is a movie for all dad's to go and see, its also a great family movie as well. It was captivating, funny and emotional. Its a movie to watch over, and over.
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