Daddy's Little Girls

By richglo
Written March 13, 2007
Great film, good actors and great story.
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Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls

By sexcgrl23
Written March 06, 2007
I thought the message in this movie was wonderful. It is so refreshing to see a Black man depicted as positive. It highlighted some the realities in the urban community. The main characters were wonderful, however I felt the supportng cast needed some more acting classes. Nevertheless, the movie was a definte GO!
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A Strong Independent Woman Must See

By Brendettae
Written October 08, 2007
If you're a strong independent "dont need a man..." woman, you gotta see this movie. Dont miss your man b/c of your job title. Idris and Gabrielle did an awesome job!
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Daddy's Little Girls

By 1fabulous_diva
Written February 27, 2007
Let me say this first: I LOVE TYLER PERRY!!! and will watch anything he produces. While the movie praises the hard-working black man (LOVE IT!) who takes care of his family (LOVE IT) and knows how to love a beautiful black woman (DOUBLE LOVE IT!), I just wish the storyline wasn't SOOOOOO predictable, and the characters were a bit more complex and realistic. :-( One example that particularly left a bad taste in my mouth was the girls' mother; this character was not only a bad mother, but she was OVER THE TOP bad with absolutely no redeeming qualities. I mean, why not make the character bad, but conflicted to show just a bit of humanity (LOL!) Oh well, I know I complain, but I'll sure enough be the first in line for his next one. :) :) :)
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tyler perry's daddy's little girls

By ilikemovies2much
Written February 16, 2007
oh my god where do i start, this is a movie for all dad's to go and see, its also a great family movie as well. It was captivating, funny and emotional. Its a movie to watch over, and over.
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