Funny,emotional,tear jerker you can get it all at one price

By AmerycanPye
Written March 18, 2007
If this movie didnt have its funny moments then I couldnt have handled the movie because it is very sad. but it does make the reality points that when a person is going to die, people are thinking $
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Both funny and sad, a good film to see!

By maamekanbi
Written March 11, 2007
Going into seeing Two Weeks, I had seen a feature done on the local news because some of the film was made right here in my hometown. So, I knew it was going to be sad but I also knew it was going to be funny. I would say that I probably laughed more than I cried, but I did cry a lot. It was very emotional to see how all four of these adult children dealt with the fact that their mother was dying. And I think Sally Field did a wonderful job in her role; she is really a great actress (Brothers & Sisters fan). Go see this film. You will definitely appreciate your family more once you have been a part of this family's struggle.
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Two Weeks is honest, real and entertaining.

By VeronicaCorningstone
Written March 05, 2007
Great ensemble cast in a fresh and honest look at a tragic situation. Love the humor, especially the sibling situations. You feel like you are watching a real family. Sally Field is fantastic. This is the kind of movie it is easy to pass by, but see it and you won't be sorry. My husband wasn't sure he wanted to go but he told me afterward he was really glad he went.
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Two Weeks

By warpcorebreach
Written March 06, 2007
Movie was ok but first night only 4 people in theater! Pretty poor advertising for this one! Good actors but weak story.
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Comedic Tragedy

By cranberry80
Written March 11, 2007
My mother looks like Sally Field, and my father has cancer. I knew not to wear mascara to this one. Yes, I cried, twice. But, I was also able to laugh aloud on multiple occasions. A humor permiated the film; a successful attempt to lighten the weight of the situation for Sally Field and her family. This movie is a window into a dying soul, a family coming together due to tragedy, and a look at how separate people deal with similar emotions in different ways. It was very well done.
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