TWO LOVERS. Visceral drama - old-fashioned love story. GRADE: A-minus

Written February 26, 2009
Based on an ACTUAL advance press screening which I attended last night, Tuesday 2/24 - this R-rated 1 hr 40 min movie starring Joaquin Phoenix in his supposed last movie before he embarks on a new career as a rap-artist(!!!). NOTE: 1) This is a love story and a drama - so, YES, it is slow throughout as the story delicately unfolds under the masterful direction of James Gray. 2) Again - for those expecting a thrill ride(and are used to action/adventure movies) - this movie is a DRAMA. So quit whining about it being slow and such. The acting is FIRST-rate in this mesmerizing melancholic moody well-told high-quality production. Almost like a 'beautiful' train-wreck - you just can't take your eyes off the fine acting by the uber-TALENTED cast - Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow, Isabella Rosellini, Vinessa Shaw, etc. Exploring love/lust, humanity, suicide - the plot/story has enough angst and surprises to glue me to my seat. VERDICT: A MUST-SEE for serious drama fans.
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Great movie...

By me_meandme
Written February 12, 2009
I just saw this movie and although it is a bit slow in the beginning it is a beautiful story. Joaquin Phoenix does a wonderful job with his character as Leonard. It is a love story, of sorts....anyone that has ever loved someone can see a part of our lives in the story. Definitely a go and see movie.
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Two Lovers

By jmseward
Written February 14, 2009
This movie was just OK . . . the acting was fine but I didn't really connect with the characters!
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It held my interest

By spamtrap
Written March 09, 2009
... which most movies can't do. I may be biased, however. "Two Lovers" is loosely based on Dostoevsky's short story "White Nights", and I was really into Dostoevsky about 20 years ago, reading all his novels and short stories. It's been so long since I read "White Nights" that I recall absolutely nothing about it other than that I did read it. I don't even recall how much I liked it in comparison to Dostoevsky's other work ("Crime and Punishment" was my favorite novel; "A Disgraceful Affair" my favorite short story) but I suspect this film is loyal to the short story because I did enjoy it very much despite the absence of thought provoking concepts and comedy... which are usually my two favorite movie elements. "Two Lovers" takes the setting from 19th century Russia and moves it to modern day New York city very nicely. It isn't deep or funny or especially dramatic but it kept me interested for the entire time, nearly 2 hours. That's quite an accomplishment.
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Paltrow and Phoenix are outstanding.

By Nacho Baggo
Written March 28, 2009
They are two well prepared and convincing actors and they show their talents well in this film. The picture is fresh and well told, but the story is so melancholy I can't recommend it across the board. Paltrow and Phoenix fans will not want to pass up this picture as they do show another facet to their skills. All others should skip it as it is not an entertaining nor feel good film.
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