The Dissolve

Despite some mawkish moments, this portrait of where espionage and domesticity collide is a unique take on typical John le Carré turf.
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By Ella Taylor
Two Lives makes a decent thriller, though it does seem a touch overloaded with grainy flashbacks and plotty flourishes retrieved from Sergei Eisenstein (or perhaps Brian De Palma). Not that these faults matter much: The most ham-fisted filmmaker couldn't ruin the incendiary material on which this tale is built.
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Village Voice

By Aaron Hillis
The film takes one entire act too long to shake its mopey fog and get crackling.
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The New York Times

By Stephen Holden
Two Lives is an absorbing, well-acted, moderately suspenseful mystery, although its time line of events is fuzzy to the point of impenetrability.
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Slant Magazine

By Diego Costa
The film's educational impetus is to announce to the world that even picture-perfect Norwegians continue to pay a heavy price for the horrors of WWII.
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62 out of 100
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