What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this movie is focused on not very grown up boys behaving badly. That is, they smoke and drink frequently; they also pursue and have sex with beautiful women (including prostitutes), and compete ferociously with one another. The movie includes strong language (over 50 uses of the f-word, in addition to sexual slang), and occasional nudity (including frequent shots of the young protagonist's muscled torso). The film's focus is gambling, treated here as an addiction (the soundtrack includes the theme for "Superfly," with lyrics about pushers), but also made thrilling in the visual images of sports events and viewers of those events excited by winning bets. An unhappy client beats Brandon and then urinates on him, in a public park.
  • Families can talk about how the film presents gambling. When does it stop being an enjoyable leisure activity and become an addiction? How does the sports-betting industry -- shady as it appears here -- encourage pathological behavior? How does the father-son relationship between Walter and Brandon hinge on their competitiveness? How does Walter's distrust (of his wife, his employees, and his friends) affect his personal and political relationships?
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