By Rob Nelson
This disarmingly cheeky, intermittently gorgeous trifle would create the perfect bookend to a career begun almost 50 years ago.
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San Francisco Chronicle

Twixt is fun, but fairly flimsy - it doesn't have the ambition of his previous film, the black-and-white character piece "Tetro." It's also not really scary, although there are some nice creepy visuals here and there.
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The Dissolve

By Keith Phipps
Sometimes it’s fascinating, but just as often, it’s frustrating: It’s a film without a net, and it tends to land with a thud.
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The Guardian

It's a film which fatally fails to hold your focus: events seem both predictable and mumbled; the monochrome looks grubby, the splashes of colour and blood joke shop cheap.
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The Playlist

By Cory Everett
While those looking for a few midnight movie scares will find themselves very disappointed, the film is funny, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Kirk Honeycutt
One can reflect on what the young Coppola, with his masterful camera work and vivid imagination, might have done with such an opportunity. Unfortunately, the present-day one produces only tepid and tired imagery that would not earn high marks in any film school.
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