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Imagine discovering an identical twin you never knew existed on the other side of the world. Twinsters tells the story of an incredible discovery and journey into sisterhood.
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Dinner & a Movie

By otteroo
A friend of mine recommended I go see this film so last night we did dinner & a move. The film was great. The two girls were as adorable as could be. A very touching story about discovering you...


By jfoltz331
Thoroughly enjoyed it - well-described reality of adoption and the emotions felt by all involved - also the joy and love with same. Highly recommend!! ??...

Amazing documentary

By llongenecker11
I loved this documentary. For a crazy thing like this to happen to these girls is one in a million, so I am thankful they thought to document this process to share with the world. I think it is a...

By eileendenobile
Amazing film that will touch your heart whether you are male or female. Funny at times and down right heartbreaking at others. Love it....


By teresacarman
The girls in this film are absolutely DELIGHTFUL & PRECIOUS! This story was filmed so intimately, delicately, and beautifully, that I truly feel I have come to know the girls and can get a great...


By wrmailman
WOW!! What an emotional roller coaster. The film me in tears many times and I am sure others teared up as well. These 2 young ladies, both adopted from Korea, open up their hearts and their lives to...


By Williams Noel
This film is true storytelling. Wonderfully edited, all the heart and soul you could ask for, what an incredible tale! I highly recommend. A must see!!...

Wonderful film

By obryna
I couldn't recommend this movie more. The honest and beautiful execution allows the viewer to really partake in this unbelievable story. It's heartfelt and moving, and serves as a reminder of the...

Loved it

By zeahzeahzeah
I loved seeing this movie. Sam and Anais are so charming and their story is incredible. It raises a lot of interesting questions about adoption, nature v. nurture, family, identity, and technology....


By baileyinmydreams
Twinsters is unforgettable. The way their story is presented in the film is uniquely inviting - it draws the viewer in. By the time we had gotten about halfway through the film, I felt like I was...

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Rated PG-13 | For for brief strong language