Disruption Function

By The_Rudy_Pooh
Written November 09, 2011
The movie was good - I liked the books better. I arrived at the theater about 10 minutes ahead of the start time and picked up my ticket from the kiosk as I had purchased my ticket ahead. This went smoothly and probably was the only thing that did go smoothly. I proceeded to the theater and took my seat. That is when it started. I chose to sit about half way up and towards the center and about four rows in front of me sat 4 females in the 17-24 range ( I am guessing since I did not know them ) the chatter back and forth started long before the movie which started around 8pm unlike the 7:30 start time......The chatter continued.....between the chattereing and the late start to the movie.....It was enough to make you want to get up and leave...I however opted go and get a manager on duty and ask them to quiet down and finally 55 minutes or so into the movie he ejected them which I was grateful for....BUT it took away from the viewing of the movie....NOT FUN AT ALL!
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Twilight Saga Tuesday- new moon

By carmeniris
Written November 10, 2011
It was awesome. Loved watching the movie again on the big screen. Brought back memories of the premiere. Jackson Rathorne is a great host for this., so funny Can't wait for eclsipe
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Fun Fun Fun

By dmomo3
Written November 13, 2011
So much fun to see it again in the theatres!! Just gets you all geared up for the big premier coming up. See ya at Eclipse!!!
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new moon review

By melissa0130
Written November 09, 2011
I never saw the movie the first time it was in theaters. I really enjoyed the story line. The acting has improved from the first film.
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New Moon

By moviemimi57
Written November 11, 2011
Loved it. Laughted and cried and enjoyed all the extras!! No problems at the theater this time:)
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