Twilight Saga Tuesdays - Eclipse

By FilmHistoryBuff
Written November 16, 2011
Although I already own the DVD, I saw Eclipse at the Fandango Twilight Tuesdays event on 11/15/2011. Like all films, the sound and picture are sooo much better in the theater! The video has sections that are so dark you really can't see various scenes! This movie is a very good adaptation of the book by Stephanie Meyer. I would recommend it highly.
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Twilight Eclipse

By donnamweiss
Written November 16, 2011
My favorite so far of the Twilight Saga series. Much action, more romance and more realistic in story than the others. Looking so forward to Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2 though. Wonderful visuals of the surroundings and much improved CG of the wolves. The action and acting step up another level.
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Edward, Jacob and a bag of popcorn.....perfect night.

By Shawn's Wife
Written November 16, 2011
I've only stumbled upon the Twilight Saga about a month ago. Yes, i admit I arrived late to the party. After reading all the books and loving the book Eclipse, it was magical to see the proposal scene up on the big screen (I did tear up a little). I hope Summit does the Twilight Tuesdays before the final movie, I will go see all of them then. :) It was awesome!
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Big Screen is Always Better!

By drcruz1
Written November 16, 2011
Ive read the books several times, own all the dvd's, and have watched the movies several times but they dont compare to once again seeing a Twilight movie on the big screen. I attended all of the Twilight Saga Tuesday movies and was pleasantly surprised to have cast members address the true TwiHard fans and thank them for attending the special Tuesday showings. Plus we got to see xtra clips and other footage and features not included in the movies or dvd's. It was grwat fun to meet up with the same group of people each Tuesday, and Im sure Ill see them in line for the midnight show early Friday morning. the way...loved the movie, even though it was my 18th time seeing it!!
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Loved the cast-led behind the scenes clips

By snicksthecat
Written November 17, 2011
Quite a cast of Twilight starts introduced different clips and behind the scenes looks. A great way to experience Twilight from a different perspective. And, seeing the Eclipse action on the big screen again was awesome!
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