Twilight (2008) Synopsis
A vampire falls in love with a human in this modern day tale based on the best-selling book series.
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I just attended the advance press screening of this action-packed 120-minute movie-adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's novel. I've not read the novel so I had no expectations - but I was totally...

Much Better Than I Thought

By lilxsillygrl
Just went to see the Pre-Screening of Twilight last night and I loved it! There are a couple of things that are out of order but I don't think there was any way to condense the book without doing...

Enjoyed it

By Lgoaliefan
I did not read the books but did enjoy the movie....

If youre 13 and female THIS MOVIE IS FOR YOU

By xbox1986
my girlfriend dragged me to this crapfest tooth and nail as punishment for something. the only good thing in the entire movie was the new volvo. calling this a vamp movie is like saying marley and me...


By majorbratt
Movie was amazing. After reading the books I felt like I was sitting at home with a group of friends watching a film filled with inside jokes that we all got and understood, even though we were an...

I'm torn!

By natsu2
I was able to attend an early screening of Twilight last night. The hype at the movies was insane! The amount of people that showed up was overwhelming and the cast wasn't even there! The opening...


By flixwatchergal
I can't believe anyone could give this slow moving, teen horror let down a good rating. The story just drags on and on. The female lead says "I'm not afraid of you" so many times you just want to...

Telenovela Eyes

By emmgandy
I think fans of the series of books will enjoy the movie, however, you will be a little disappointed at times too. There are several scenes that will make you chuckle when they shouldn't. The camera...

Disappointed, but happy

By NataschaWaltz
The movie didn't met my expectations, but I wasn't completly disappointed. Overall, I don't think they focused on Edward and Bella's relationship enough, and they skipped a couple important scenes. I...

I don't understand how something so terrible can be so popular.

By Fayiirah
Well, the film is better than the books. The the film SUCKS....

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Rated PG-13 | For some violence and a scene of sensuality
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Common Sense Media says Teen fans will love faithful -- if uneven -- adaptation.
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