Better the Second Time Around

By henski1
Written December 01, 2008
I did not like Twilight the first time I saw it. I was too focused on waiting for this to happen and then waiting for that to happen- as per the book. When certain aspects of the book were portrayed differently, I was disappointed. Went to see it a second time six days later and tried to keep an open mind - and I enjoyed it very much. Took my husband the second time, assuming he would hate it but he's a good sport, but he said he actually enjoyed it. The soundtrack rocks, the scenery is beautiful and so is the cast!
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By Jennygirl4486
Written December 05, 2008
The movie is not as good as the book but then again what movie is as good as the book? I have friends who have not read the books and loved the movie and I myself thought the movie was amazing and I'm totally obessed with the books. I would put this movie at the top of your go see list. I've already seen it a few times and can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it everyday!
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The Movie was Awesome!!!!!!!!

By lance2323
Written November 22, 2008
I saw twilight today.You know alot of people were a little disappointed when they saw twilight, especially those that went to the mid-night release. Here is my theory on why that is. when you go to a midnight release you tend to be tired and not as excited. It would have been smarter for people just to go see it during the day so they could have enjoyed it more and judged it better. I personally thought the movie is great and worth the anticipation. I figured that most of the fans were gonna expect more, but that is silly because people should know that books are always better than the movie. I cant say that the movie was the greatest movie I've every seen. But, I can say that the baseball scene and the fight scene were the best and my favorite. Maybe, those are my favorite scenes because I am a guy. I am definitly going to go see it again in theaters. It might suprise you but half of the people that were in the theater were guys. P.S. the movie is very similar to the book!
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This movie has all the elements to....

By bamagirly10
Written October 31, 2008
Suck!! I'm 200% sure this movie is going to be making "Worst Movies Ever Made" lists for has all the right elements for a horrible film: Cheesy lines and characters, a uninteresting, lacking plot, and a fanbase made up of ALL girls ranging in age from 12 -'s definitely going to suck.
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You should see it.

By vans_off_the_wall4
Written November 03, 2008
To be honest i am a huge twilight fan., i am currently 14, i think the book is very detailed and mysterious But to tell you the truth some of my friends REEALLY bugg me because they think that twilight is like there whole life. so people out there if you dont know if you should see the movie or not, i thhink you should. the books are going to be better. i know that. I am also a big harry potter fan, and it hurts when people are like twilight rules harry potter sucks..because both of the authors are AMAZING. I cannot wait for the premeire, i already got advanced tickets. So take my advice, and go see it, if your into a hot vampire family and romance. haha bye!!
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