Written November 19, 2008
I just attended the advance press screening of this action-packed 120-minute movie-adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's novel. I've not read the novel so I had no expectations - but I was totally caught-up with the love/romance-story and the very well-done action sequences. The cute moments were charming. The special effects awed me - but mostly, I was enthralled by the plot and the competent direction of Catherine Hardwicke. The relatively unknown cast (other than Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory of Harry Potter fame) turned in above-average performance. Bella(Kristen Stewart) and Edward's passion and longing were heartfelt. Ok - so - I've to revise my assumptions about vampires... LOL The audience gushed, sighed, and cheered!!! WOW! What a crowd! (then again - most were teenage girls!) VERDICT: Yes - it is a chick-flick - but a very enjoyable one! SO, GO SEE IT! Highly recommended.
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Much Better Than I Thought

By lilxsillygrl
Written November 19, 2008
Just went to see the Pre-Screening of Twilight last night and I loved it! There are a couple of things that are out of order but I don't think there was any way to condense the book without doing things the way that they did. For the most part the movie was true to the book but I would have liked to see the love between Bella and Edward more. It was a little bit quick, I wish the movie was longer so that they could go into more detail but I still really liked the movie -^o^- It's definitely a MUST SEE!! Even if you haven't read the book you will love it. Trust me =)
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Enjoyed it

By Lgoaliefan
Written December 01, 2008
I did not read the books but did enjoy the movie.
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If youre 13 and female THIS MOVIE IS FOR YOU

By xbox1986
Written January 04, 2015
my girlfriend dragged me to this crapfest tooth and nail as punishment for something. the only good thing in the entire movie was the new volvo. calling this a vamp movie is like saying marley and me was a comedy. first off vampires arent glittery when the sun hits them... they catch fire duh. secondly vamps always get laid (i know "but in the book..." blah blah blah a real vamp gets tail the author is a tard) and whats up with the scene where they lay in the grass stareing at eachother for 5 minutes? for all the guys that had to watch this it would be a great time to balance the checkbook or bust out the ipod, or hell, shove a nail in your eye. all of those alternatives are more entertaining than this pile of dog dookie. this movie was DESIGNED for YOUNG GIRLS and no one else. the girl in the movie is attractive but theres not even a makeout scene so whats the point and the vamp is a friggin TOOL who apparently joind the abstanace program at school. this movie blows F: a total flop!
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By majorbratt
Written November 21, 2008
Movie was amazing. After reading the books I felt like I was sitting at home with a group of friends watching a film filled with inside jokes that we all got and understood, even though we were an auditorium full of strangers. The most fun I've had at the movies in a long time. TEAM EDWARD!
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