disappointed in the state of Louisiana

By ss2330
Written September 02, 2016
I've been looking forward to seeing this moving, and counted down to the opening day. But was surprised and very disappointed that in the city I live Baton Rouge this movie was not being played at any movie theater in this city. When is the south going to get over trying to control African American, in what we do, say, act, feel, look, and most of all recognize racism. This is part of our history and it cannot be denied or erased just because whites do not want to take responsibility for their actions of themselves and their ancestors. I've never see any other movie dealing with race relations held back from the viewing public, Why are African American movies held back?
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Should Win "Best Picture!"

By snw4931
Written June 30, 2016
I must say that I was not planning to see this movie at all. I didn't want to see another movie about the atrocities of slavery so that I would spend the rest of the week lifting myself out of the funk that followed. However, seeing this movie was life changing and inspirational. The story told was raw and real and unfiltered and felt as though I could really associate with the pain of the slave experience. Words can not explain how much this movie touched me as I found myself praying for the characters on screen as we witnessed their struggled, as if my prayers could alter the reality of the movie! This movie is so much more than race and should be seen by all people no matter the race and widely released to theaters everywhere!
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Strange Fruit

By MedRed
Written August 01, 2016
12 Years a Slave is an uncomfortable accounting of one man's horrifying tale of losing everything...even his right to be a human being. As expected, Hollywood does find the need to fudge the story a little here and there. An example... Where one man in real life died from small pox, Hollywood found a racially motivated stabbing to be a more dramatic ending for him. The acting is top shelf, but a few actors had a tough time portraying a convincing deep southern accent (Paul Dano & Brad Pitt). My biggest issue with 12 years a slave is that at no point do you get a sense that 12 years is actually passing until the end of the movie! This movie will make you uncomfortable. Aside from Hollywood "polishing" the events, this is a fantastic true story. There's nothing during or after the credits If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Disturbing but Superlative Film

By johnkeene
Written September 25, 2016
One of the best depictions of US slavery ever portrayed on film, it's devastating in its horror and its truth. It lays bare the larger system of equating human bodies with money and property, and the cancer of white supremacy. A must see.
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Best movie I've seen this year. No question.

By Lv99_Slacker
Written August 05, 2015
Star Trek: Into the Darkness Fast and Furious 6 Man of Steel Iron Man 3 This Is The End Pacific Rim Blue Jasmine World's End Concussion Kick ***2 Gravity ^ These are the movies I've seen so far, and none of them can hold a candle in what they have to offer in emotional impact as "12 Years A Slave". I'm still a bit unsettled with what I saw. This is not an easy movie to watch. There were times where I had to bow my head and close my eyes to actually blunt the impact of what I was seeing.
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