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The Kids Loved Turbo - Everyone Applauded - Kids Sang "That Snail is Fast" all the way home!

By ttrotter
Written September 18, 2014
The Kids laughed the whole movie and sang "That snail is fast" by Snoop Dog all the way home. They want to see it again and again. Good clean fun. I've lived in the LA Area (Van Nuys) and have been to the Indy 500 many times - Dreamworks nailed them both - not overdone - genuine - if that's possible for animation. If you were to take your kids to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time after seeing Turbo - they will feel like they've been there before. I took them to the late showing (9:30PM) so the theater was only half full but when the movie ended everyone applauded. Only a few scenes with 'commercial' images that's inherent in the sport. You will see more commercial signage driving down any street or watching 15 minutes of TV. Note: don't be surprised if you see kids dancing in the aisles during the credits.
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Great movie for families!

By colinsmom
Written July 22, 2013
This was a great movie! My kids, who are 5 and 9, both loved it and paid attention for the whole movie I also enjoyed it a lot. I loved the message the movie delivers.
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By danarevans
Written July 25, 2014
Very fun family movie. All my children loved it. Ages: 13, 11, 10, 03. Colors are bright, characters are fun from the snails to the people. Story has a great message and that's never give up on your dreams.
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By Pac10
Written July 26, 2013
The movie was really funny, I really enjoyed it. It had a great story line and a very good message for all ages to live by. The acting was outstanding. The acting was so good that some of the characters reminded me of some people that I know of from back home in NY. I took my boyfriend's grandson and we had a great time..... we laugh, we cried ( maybe I cried not my boyfriend's grandson), and we were on the edge of our seats at times. This movie is for all ages...the young and the young at heart like me. I highly recommend this movie for everyone to see it. I give this movie 10+ stars.
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Snails are slow and so is Turbo!

Written July 22, 2013
I had to fight myself to stay in my seat during the first half. I wanted to get water, go the the restroom, get more popcorn... anything to leave the theatre. But I stayed and fought sleep instead. The begining was repetitive with cliche mini storylines about being a slow snail and many near misses of getting caught, crushed, or eaten. Then we met the people and every stereotype you could think of was used. Lastly they made it to the Indianapolis 500 and the movie finally got going. The last one third of the movie was actually good and had you cheering on the little fellow. I say go see it but don't expect it to be a summer blaockbuster.
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