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GREAT Family Movie!

By lyndane
Written July 25, 2013
I took my family to see this great movie! Very inspirational - going from having nothing to having everything that matters AND working together to make a goal and having belief in yourself/family. I highly recommend this for the entire family!
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Awesome Movie!

By santas305
Written July 23, 2013
Went will a big grup to see this movie. It was amazing! my 3 yr old son loved it. It also had a great message :) No big is too big and no dreamer is too small.
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Great movie!

By lowza6
Written July 29, 2013
We had a great time! Two moms and 1 9 year old and 1 7 year old. We laughed, we sighed, we rooted for little Turbo. Great story!!!!
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By storeyline
Written July 19, 2013
Decent family fare. I took 10 year old, two, 11 year olds, 18 year old and my 48 year old wife, all enjoyed it. Younger ones enjoyed it more. Nothing offensive in it. Little slow at spots and fairly predictable for adults, but overall a fun movie for the family.
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By keithsnyder
Written August 04, 2013
What a fun movie. Like almost all movies of this genre, it delights kids, but has adult humor as well. It is a little predictable, but it reinforces good morals. Support your family and friends, encourage rather than discourage, take risks in life. Well worth seeing it while on the big screen too. Just fun.
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