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Great for all ages

By tejsmomma
Written July 18, 2013
I went with my 7 year old son. Both my son and I (a grown up) were laughing and even sitting at the edge of our seats. Awesome movie for all ages. :-)
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Turbo fun fun fun

By vicky196348
Written May 23, 2017
Took my Daughter's and Grandkids to Turbo. It was funny and heart warming. All my Grandkid loved it. A little long for young one. The cinematography was great . The voices fit each of the snails . I think the best part was the snails. All that matters is my kids had a great time at the movies.
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Loved it

By ashleyfason
Written July 28, 2013
I really enjoyed the movie I took my 4 kids and they laughed and had a good time it was really cute and I'm going to buy it for my kids....
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By jerriann
Written March 01, 2017
This movie was fantastic, I will probably go again when I get a chance!!! This in the best animated film I have seen since the older Disney movies.
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Loved it

By annieburgamy
Written September 30, 2016
This movie was really cute. The snail never gave up so teaching kids even when others say you should quit and not follow your dreams you still need to because one day they may come true but not without work and determination.
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