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By storeyline
Written July 19, 2013
Decent family fare. I took 10 year old, two, 11 year olds, 18 year old and my 48 year old wife, all enjoyed it. Younger ones enjoyed it more. Nothing offensive in it. Little slow at spots and fairly predictable for adults, but overall a fun movie for the family.
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By keithsnyder
Written August 04, 2013
What a fun movie. Like almost all movies of this genre, it delights kids, but has adult humor as well. It is a little predictable, but it reinforces good morals. Support your family and friends, encourage rather than discourage, take risks in life. Well worth seeing it while on the big screen too. Just fun.
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Edgie and cute for the younger fans

By ohbabygirl22
Written May 01, 2016
Really cute as is typical animation. Slow to start out, but very good in keeping with the theme and plot. My teen daughter fell asleep during parts of it, my 9 yr old son enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed answering some questions and ideas that my son had during the movie, which meant that it was easy to understand and follow. Funny humor for the snail characters and the humans. The movie shows sibling love and how it makes a person feel - negative and positive. Team work was well scripted too. The ending had my son on edge, and he was very happy on the ending.
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A great, fun filled movie for everyone!!!!!!!!

By george.comerci
Written July 18, 2013
Turbo was an excellent film. It had a solid story, memorable characters, great comic relief, and beautiful animation. The story was very compelling, and you really cared about the characters. The movie had all the good moments needed in any animated film-funny moments, action moments, intense moments, emotional moments-it had it all. And the voice cast was very into their roles. I definitely say this is a must go. Story-8/10 Animation-10/10 Characters-9/10 Overall-9/10
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Fun, Entertaining for the Entire Family

By WolvieMovie
Written July 20, 2013
Fun, entertaining, edge of youre seat type of movie. I enjoyed it alot. The m iddle part of the movie is a little slow side but it did pick up at the end. Adult and esp kids will love this one, they are actually talking and answer turbo too. And at the end, people clap at the movie. Havent had a fun time watching an animated movie like this in a while. Go it with the entire family.
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