Very funny

By jesi1
Written September 27, 2016
I must say even though it's a kids movie, you will have fun watching this movie. It was very funny and it also sent a message to the kids and grown up about never giving up. I will see it again in 3D.
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Cute movie

By maldonadofamily5
Written September 02, 2013
This was definitely a cute movie. A little boring in the beginning, but overall cute. I took my 9 and 12 year old, but the 12year fell asleep, so not really great for pre-teens/teens.
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Great family fun!

By hugbug921
Written July 23, 2013
We saw the 3D version and it was super fun and as fast paced as the title! The snails all have such extreme personalities. This even kept my fidgety 4 year old daughters' attention and I'll admit at one point, we both got a bit teary eyed for the little guy.
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Turbo Review

By elizab_wallace
Written August 24, 2016
Excellent movie for the whole family. The sound track will take all generations back to another place. Th story line will warm the hardest heart and will leave you smiling and recalling lines from the movie. I suggest you watch it so you can see what the buzz is all about.
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it was cute

By nadiyar
Written October 24, 2016
no matter what the higher ups say this wasnt a bomb, it was just released at the wrong time
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