True critics

By annkingsley48
Written July 19, 2013
I guess the best review I can give is from my grandchildren, who said "this is the best movie we saw this summer" And we have been to see Epic, Monster University, and Despicable Me 2. We all loved it.
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It was awesome!

By ablackwood
Written July 18, 2013
We thought the movie was cool, with great animation and detail. Not only that - it was funny, too! We highly recommend it for any age!
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A cute but boring movie

By trimper
Written July 27, 2013
I didn't really enjoy the movie. It was so far fetched and long, but my nephews loved it and that's the main reason I went was to treat them to a movie they wanted to see. One of them told me it was the best movie he ever saw. I didn't think that at all, but it's definitely a young kids movie.
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Better than MonstersU

By liamreimers
Written July 23, 2013
By all measures, this movie is better for kids than MonstersU. If you are on a date go see the other; in all other cases see Turbo. Also, while I generally despise 3D, this one really works.
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Family Fun

By Ehjerpe
Written July 20, 2013
The kids said it was, "Awe-Awe-Awesome." It was entertaining for us grown-ups too. Cute story line, plenty of action. We expected a better soundtrack with Snoop Dogg's involvement, but it was still okay. The 3D was done well.
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