Great Kids Movie

By mconenna08
Written December 28, 2014
Turbo is Great Movie to bring your kids and adults to see this summer. the characters were terrific and really funny. the movie boosts lots of energy filled moments that keep the kids laughing at the seat of there pants. Must see in a 3-D version, it'll make you feel like you're interacting with the characters in the movie My 2 daughters and I loved it !!
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Wonderful movie for the whole family

By judybuckglenn
Written December 01, 2015
This delightful movie is charming, funny, clever and has a great story to tell with sympathetic characters, both human and snail. I was wary of a cartoon--I went with my grandchildren--but it was as enjoyable as Toy Story, which was the last cartoon feature I ever saw. All the G rating means is that everyone can enjoy a wonderful movie! The 3-D effects were spectacular--and despite it being about a snail who dreams of racing in the Indy 500, my 9 year old granddaughter enjoyed it just as much as my five year old grandson. And my 40 year old daughter. And me. We were shocked that the theatre was so uncrowded--which is a shame.This movie should be a smash, and I hope it is!
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Good Kid Movie!

By tbeavers11
Written July 28, 2016
Turbo is a good movie with a great message. I took my 12 year old son and his 13 year old friend and I think they were a little old for it. The movie was also a slow in parts, but very funny in others.
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Slow beginning, but finished first place

By sweety541
Written June 25, 2016
My husband and I took our 6 year old son to watch this movie and it was definitely worth it. The beginning was slow, but our son never took his eyes off the screen or asked for popcorn or needed to go to the bathroom. So, it might be a little slow for adults, but the children will absolutely love it. My husband and I did like the adult humor that was thrown in there. Definitely should take your little ones to watch this movie!
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By briannaclifford38
Written August 30, 2015
Loved it!! Ages 63, 16 and 8 year old, great for all of us. The theater audience was cheering and clapping at the end. Definitely a must see.
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