Highly recommended

By togoodcat
Written December 20, 2014
Loved this movie. Thought I would be bored based on the reviews of some on this website (and yes, the first 15 minutes were slow), however I found myself dancing, laughing, and cheering in my seat for Turbo and his buddies. The music was amazing, and I downloaded it the moment we left the theater. Also, I think this movie had a very positive message about minoriites, women, and those of lower socio economic status. It wasn't gushing about being a minority or one of the working class, at the same time it was positive without being paternalistic. Highly recommended for the entire family. Saw it with DD, but we are going back to see it with DH for sure!
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Charming and Engaging

By DotGuy
Written December 27, 2014
When I first saw the previews for Turbo I was a bit skeptical - I've loved all of the works to come out of the Dreamworks factory but snails were not high on the list of characters whom I thought would engage me. The movie changed my perspective - a well written script that was both thoughtful and funny to complement a story of triumph - a winning combination! The one thing I would say is that I'm not sure one needs to see the film in 3D - none of the effects really required it. I look forward to owning this film when it comes out in DVD.
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Great for the little ones, not so much for the accompanying adults

By neuronbob
Written January 26, 2015
My seven-year-old enjoyed the movie from start to finish. Because we saw it in Real3D, he enjoyed the effects even more. The effects were the best aspect of the movie from the adult standpoint. The story, however, was very slow at the start and by mid-movie, the pace had picked up somewhat leading to the expected climax. Thankfully, this movie is relatively short. In short, your kids will love it but prepare to be a little bored yourself until mid-film.
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Very good Message!

By lovinmomof3
Written January 26, 2015
This movie was Great!! Our kids enjoyed it, the message in it was fantastic. Definatly a must see movie!
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Better than MonstersU

By liamreimers
Written July 23, 2013
By all measures, this movie is better for kids than MonstersU. If you are on a date go see the other; in all other cases see Turbo. Also, while I generally despise 3D, this one really works.
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