What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Turbo is a funny animated underdog comedy with strong positive messages. Themes that run throughout the movie (and are reinforced constantly) include believing in yourself, following your dreams, and never giving up. Kids will find the silly characters endlessly amusing, with only a little bit of innuendo, stereotyping, and potty humor to contend with. The biggest concern is the repeated scenes of peril, in which the beloved snails seem to be in danger thanks to a lawnmower, a busy freeway, plentiful crows, and a car crash. But all scenes involving major characters are resolved positively.
  • Families can talk about movies being realistic. Do you think it's important that stories seem believable in real life? Is it hard to enjoy a movie if the concept seems too far-fetched?
  • What did you notice about where Turbo was set? Have you seen any other animated movies set in urban environments like this one? Did the characters seem to fit the location? Did you notice any stereotypes?
  • What kinds of dreams do you have? Who supports your dreams? Does anyone tell you your dreams are unrealistic? How do you feel when that happens?
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