Tullio Carminatti
Date of Birth
Sep 21, 1894
Birth Place:
Zara, Dalmatia (Italy/Yugoslavia)


Born to a family of Italian aristocrats, Tullio Carminati hardly needed to work for a living. Even so, he was a professional actor by the age of 15 and a film performer at 18. He divided his time in the 1920s between romantic leads in films and meaty co-starring assignments on stage, often in the company of the great Eleanora Duse. His first American film was the 1925 silent mystery The Bat, in which his natural charm and charisma was harnessed to thoroughly mislead the audience. The best of his American talkies was One Night of Love (1934) wherein he appeared opposite opera diva Grace Moore. From 1935 onward, Carminatti starred in English and European films, briefly dropping from public view during the war years. Re-emerging as a suave character actor in the late 1940s, Tullio Carminatti kept working until 1963, when he was seen in his final film, Otto Preminger's The Cardinal. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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