Trust Fund Synopsis
Trust Fund is the story of Reese Donahue (Jessica Rothe) a young aspiring writer from Chicago. She’s spent her whole life working hard to keep from working, living the life everyone else wants.

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Trust Fund

By larrysherry70
We saw Trust Fund Friday night at the sold out showing in Olathe, and I think the applause of the audience at the end says it all! Congratulations Isaac & Sandra on a job WELL done!! The acting is...

Dont bother just wait for it to hit the Lifetime channel

By christinakangethe

Great Movie!

By vignery
A few things that stood out to me about this movie was the level of acting overall was Awesome! The direction and cinematography was incredible. My wife and I took our two children (8 yr old girl and...

Trust Fund is a fantasy

By chloelou
I enjoyed watching the beautiful shots of Trust Fund. The lead actress is gorgeous, rich, lucky and had two hot lovers, a rich father, a forgiving older sister who is smarter in the family business....

So Unrealistic!

By rosiebettis
This was a long, unrealistic and not accurately portrayed movie of life amongst the rich and affluent. It was phony to me. I am sorry I paid to see it!...

All over the place

By failormd
No real commitment ... can't decide whether this movie is about romance, crime, family, friendship. A little of everything but not anything in particular. Could hardly wait for it to end....

Trust Fund

By shmuelwolk
The movie Trust Fund was EXCELLENT. Casting, directing, music, cinematography were strikingly well done. Family values were sweet and strong and not overdone and soupy. I loved it. Kudos to...

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Rated PG | For Mild thematic elements and brief smoking.