By muppetmadness
Written April 02, 2011
Loved this film! Fantastic performances by all the cast...Clive Owen, Katherine Keener and the young girl in the main role. Brilliant direction. A film all parents and anyone planning to one day BE parents should see. I absolutley recommend this amazing film!
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Must see!

By jennstar85
Written April 05, 2011
When I go to the movies, I like to leave and feel "affected." I haven't been this moved by a movie in a long time. The story is heartbreaking and painful, but so pertinent in our society today. Standout performances by Clive Owen, Catherine Keener and Liana Liberato and newcomer Chris Coffey. A must see for any parent or young adult.
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Trust me this is hard to watch

By everyweek60706
Written April 03, 2011
Remember Ross on Friends? That's David Schwimmer and this is his movie, but it's not "Friends." This is hard to watch. From the very beginning I kind of wished I was had made some other choice. There were only a few people in the audience, but people seemed to be leaving throughout the ordeal. It does seem authentic and thoughtful, but there is one little fact people somehow overlook - crimes against children committed by strangers are actually very rare. Listen to what your teens have to say about this movie - if you can get them to go.
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By D 2011
Written April 01, 2011
Trust is a call to action for parents of children growing up in the digital age. After watching the movie, I promised to never miss an opportunity to listen to my teenage daughter. The topic is tough but the acting is incredible.
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Trust is a must-see (some spoilers)

By ttrocco
Written April 03, 2011
A must-see film. Liana Liberato is transcendent in the role of Annie, a 14-year old girl who is lured by an online predator. This is a break-out role for Liberato, who prior to this, has appeared in a couple of little-know films, some television (she was amazing in House), and a Mylie Cyrus video. A couple of scenes in particular, when she finally lets go of her denial (that Charlie was her boyfriend who loves her and not a rapist), and a scene with her father are amazing in that an actor so young can reach such emotional depths. We've seen this before with Liberato, but a combination of her maturing, Schwimmer's sometimes good direction, a good script, and an amazing ensemble has allowed her to tap into something deep and fierce. Unlike some of her peers (Sofia Vassilieva, the Panabaker girls, etc.), she is an actor to watch as she matures. Negatives? This could have been a film with the depth of Winter's Bone, but Schwimmer needs to grow as a director.
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