Trust Synopsis
Parents are filled with grief and rage after a sexual predator molests their teenage daughter.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
David Schwimmer has made one of the year's best films: Powerfully emotional, yes, but also very perceptive.
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New York Observer

Despite extremely unpleasant material, he (Schwimmer) coaxes subtle, incredible performances from his cast and builds a tense, arresting...
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By Michelle Orange
One of the most chilling things about Trust is how well it lays out the grooming strategies used by expert predators.
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Boxoffice Magazine

By Pete Hammond
With a sterling cast and an emotionally powerful performance from newcomer Liana Liberato, Trust packs a real dramatic punch.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
Features some of Clive Owen's best work and a startling movie debut by the 15-year-old Liana Liberato.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
David Schwimmer directs this smarmy Hot Topic drama with empathy for the craft of acting but less interest in the craft of making a movie...
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Phillips
His (Schwimmer) film deserves some attention for the remarkable performance from Liana Liberato as Annie.
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
The script is blaring and obvious at all times, and in his second directorial effort, David Schwimmer doesn't have a clue how dull it is...
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Time Out New York

By Eric Hynes
Schwimmer is so committed to telling grim truths about modern living (whither goes humanity in the age of Twitter and sexting?!?) that he...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
Trust - a drama about the dangers of teen sexting and online predators - plays as prurient, ham-handed and amateurish.
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By muppetmadness
Loved this film! Fantastic performances by all the cast...Clive Owen, Katherine Keener and the young girl in the main role. Brilliant direction. A film all parents and anyone planning to one day BE...

Must see!

By jennstar85
When I go to the movies, I like to leave and feel "affected." I haven't been this moved by a movie in a long time. The story is heartbreaking and painful, but so pertinent in our society today. ...

Trust me this is hard to watch

By everyweek60706
Remember Ross on Friends? That's David Schwimmer and this is his movie, but it's not "Friends." This is hard to watch. From the very beginning I kind of wished I was had made some other choice. ...

Trust is a must-see (some spoilers)

By ttrocco
A must-see film. Liana Liberato is transcendent in the role of Annie, a 14-year old girl who is lured by an online predator. This is a break-out role for Liberato, who prior to this, has appeared in a...


By D 2011
Trust is a call to action for parents of children growing up in the digital age. After watching the movie, I promised to never miss an opportunity to listen to my teenage daughter. The topic is...

Parents - a must see

By Dawn4
Anyone with children 10+ MUST see this film. Fabulous acting and the story will hit home for many people. The ending is as upsetting as anything I've seen.......


By annsky
Disturbing to watch, but very well acted....

no trust

By magjim29
I got screwed.The movie was cancelled. I had to ask for a refund and nobody knew why. What a crappy experience as I had traveled all the way to the theatre to find this out. A waste of gas and...

Great Movie

By ahig66
I really enjoyed Trust!!! This movie is a must see for all young teenagers... especially young girls!!! This movie really hits home and is very realistic. The acting was really good and the young girl...

Trust review

By Drez_Digital
deals with a tough subject matter in a gripping and thought provoking way a cautionary drama that's worth seeing....

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Rated R | For Some violence, sexual content, language, disturbing material and rape of a teen