True Romance Synopsis
Detroit lovers (Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette) on the run head for Hollywood.
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True Romance

By ognadnaf 13
True Romance was written by Q.T., and has all the witty dialogue and bloody violence that we've come to expect from him....

best cast

By JPeePee
The cast alone makes this movie. The romance is only second best. Funny that men first assume the title is for a Chick Flick. It's perrrrty violent with just the significant amount of F-Bombs. BTW...

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By breaksnap
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True Romance - Reel Quick!

By wtlasley
Featuring some of the best dialogue Tarantino has ever written (which is saying something), and one of the greatest casts ever assembled, 'True Romance' is a one-of-a-kind success that delivers the...

'True Romance' is a classic crime thriller!

By Dominic LeRose
A juicy story with tons of characters and intense action from a legendary writer and a good director is just classic film making! 'True Romance' tells the story of a young couple, Clarence and...

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By grynny
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By DWSone
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Five Word Review

By lightsFILMS
fave movie ever THE BEST!!!...

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By vmichelled
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