True Grit -- truly amazing!

By Bondlady
Written January 18, 2011
From start to finish, this movie moved me. I loved this story of an adventurous young heroine who wants to avenge her father's murder! Truly a 19th century feminist, who knows her own mind and her own strength, both physical and mental, and has the determination of character to pursue the righting of a wrong.
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True grit

By lodon2010
Written December 26, 2010
I went to this movie in anticipation of watching a great Western movie played by great actors such as Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, etc.. Sadly neither one of the actors delivered. The movie began strong, and made one anticipate unfolding of a great plot. However, it turned out to be a mockery of the West by a 14 years old girl who seemed to be able to make Western men shiver in their skin by her threats/tircks. Since when men of the Wild Wild West showed respect or feared women, or took orders from a 14 years old girl at that? The ending was an utter disaster. It seemed like the producers had finally ran out of ideas and decided to end the story abruptly. I believe it is time for Jeff Bridges to stop playing a drunk. He was great in Crazy Heart, and truly deserved an Oscar. But he needs to move on. As for Matt Damon, I wonder who advised this outstanding actor to take this role.
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Five Word Review

By carly18
Written October 06, 2010
John Wayne Did It BETTER!
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Five Word Review

By sirbosk1
Written December 22, 2010
John Wayne Rolling in Grave!
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cant beat John Wayne's version

By usmcgonnabe
Written December 30, 2010
It's probably a good movie but you can't beat John Wayne's version. See John Wayne's version first.
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