True Sh-t

By badmoviereviewer
Written December 26, 2010
The boredom of too much talk from actors whose voices were not decipherable was broken only occasionally by gory scenes of violence. This movie was about 2 hours too long. Don't waste your time.
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True grit

By lodon2010
Written December 26, 2010
I went to this movie in anticipation of watching a great Western movie played by great actors such as Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, etc.. Sadly neither one of the actors delivered. The movie began strong, and made one anticipate unfolding of a great plot. However, it turned out to be a mockery of the West by a 14 years old girl who seemed to be able to make Western men shiver in their skin by her threats/tircks. Since when men of the Wild Wild West showed respect or feared women, or took orders from a 14 years old girl at that? The ending was an utter disaster. It seemed like the producers had finally ran out of ideas and decided to end the story abruptly. I believe it is time for Jeff Bridges to stop playing a drunk. He was great in Crazy Heart, and truly deserved an Oscar. But he needs to move on. As for Matt Damon, I wonder who advised this outstanding actor to take this role.
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Five Word Review

By carly18
Written October 06, 2010
John Wayne Did It BETTER!
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Will the REAL Rooster Cogburn Please Stand Up??

By movie_critic_2_
Written January 02, 2011
Where to start? Jeff Bridges is a great actor but in this roll....He MUMBLES through the whole thing, the character comes across as a babbling, drunken fool with no soul or purpose. He simply exists to babble his lines which ramble one word into the much you miss the point. All the men do that! They ramble their Old West lines. Mattie is great, would of been better with a REAL script that played up the characters, making you care about them, instead, you're left to wonder why the Cohen Brothers bothered to make a story that had already been told by John Wayne! RENT THE REAL 'TRUE GRIT' AND YOU'LL SEE WHAT I MEAN. John Wayne's Rooster Cogburn vs. Bridge's version? No Comparison! I say skip it.
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Five Word Review

By sirbosk1
Written December 22, 2010
John Wayne Rolling in Grave!
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