True Grit

By nocage
Written January 09, 2011
I had never seen True Grit and Iiked the movie but the ending left me cold. The 25 year jump was a real snafu and didn't make a lot of sense. After watching the new one I went and rented the old True Grit and that ending was much better and made sense. It did not jump ahead 25 years, she didn't lose her arm and the grave yard scene meant something to the movie watcher.There were some things that were better in the new movie. I liked Jeff bridges version of Rooster better than the old one but I didn't like that he was ready to quit in the middle of his contract. The Texas ranger was much more pompous in the new one almost to the ridiculous. I did like that in the new one they showed him getting ready too fire and in the old one you just heard the shot and saw the bad guy fall. Over all I liked both movies but the new ones ending had me leaving the movie thinking was that a good movie or not and all because of the ending. After thinking about it I decided I liked it in spite of the end
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True Grit

By Zeus13
Written December 23, 2010
If you like Westerns with plenty of dirty characters this movies for you. Plenty of dark humor had the audience laughing and on the way out didn't hear one complain about it. The characters all worked well and the movie kept me interested for the duration. Definitely Recommend it.
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well done

By keatsgirl
Written December 24, 2010
beautiful scenery. wonderful performances. stands well on it's back to basics merits in film making.
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True Garbage

By CalGuy
Written January 03, 2011
I saw this movie based on the critic reviews and hated it. Do critics just fawn all over a film because it's by the Coen brothers? Jeff Bridges overacted-think of his Crazy Heart character tripled.(I loved Crazy Heart but Bridges was too over the top here). I could barely understand much of what he said. Matt Damon was terribly miscast.I think he was supposed to be the comic relief but was not funny. The young girl acted well, but I grew tired of her character halfway through the film. The film was waaaay too long, and it dragged terribly.It should have ended at least 20 minutes earlier than it did. I really don't understand the hype for this film-a HUGE disappointment.
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Worse movie I've ever seen

By LisaChambers
Written December 27, 2010
The arrogant little girl should have died in this movie, not the beautiful horse with heart. The horse died so she could grow up to be a one-armed old maid? No, that is just wrong and evil. She avenged her father's death by killing his killer herself, so it was her turn to pay for that sin with her life, not the horse's.
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