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A teenager enlists the aid of a boozy, trigger-happy lawman to find her father's killer.
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Nobody will replace "The Duke" but move on...

By scottb14
Being 49, I grew up watching the likes of John Wayne regularly. But move on folks. I HAVE seen this movie, and it's wonderful. I suppose some think the western is no longer a valid/entertaining...

True Grit

By Derrick Deane
I went into this movie having not seen the original True Grit. I know, shame on me. So my inital thought, based on the bang-bang trailer was that this was going to be a gritty gunsliing western that...

Jeff Bridges up for another Oscar? He earned it in this one! AGAIN!

By MooveeFantoo
This is the best movie I have seen all year. Jeff Bridges was absolutely perfect Rooster Cogburn. Matt Damon was great in his role as a Texas Ranger and I chuckled off and on all the way through. The...


By ljm21_TV/bookfanatic
I just watched this movie, and it was far better than what I expected. I usually think Westerns are simply OK, but I would watch this again and again! The acting was superb! Jeff Bridges was perfect...

watch it

By mccallos
solid movie, i enjoyed the early showing but my brother thought it was a little slow.. definitely not a pure action movie, its well done and entertaining with some beautiful scenery so go see it in...

True Grit

By Doomspark
I generally find that remakes are never as good as the original. That's true in this case, but True Grit is still a decent flick. It has a grimmer tone than the John Wayne version, and feels more...

I know I'm in the minority...

By bgrajski
but I just thought True Grit was so-so, and my son didn't like it. Despite the outstanding cast and excellent cinematography, the film never drew me in enough to care about the characters or what...

True Grit-Post 1969 Version

By bababooey1
Call me an old man but for anyone that grew up on the 1969 version this remake is only sllightly amusing. Take your kids if you wish, but at least go but the original and let them see which version...

Coen Bros'. strikes again!

By Grizzlerbear
Well being sort of a traditionalist and a great fan of the original movie, I was luke warm over the event. The acting was real good but the movie had a hurried feel to it, like giddy up this is...

true grit

By PJ-13
Excellent! Lives up to the billing... Very well played by Jeff Bridges... Witty and Gritty in the right balance... Really enjoyed it and would recommend it as a must see this holiday season....

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Rated PG-13 | For Some intense sequences of western violence including disturbing images
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Common Sense Media says Coen brothers tackle classic Western with wit and brutality.
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