Trucker is a must see!

By vavvy2
Written October 10, 2009
Trucker is a refreshingly understated movie with an amazing performance by the lead actress Michelle Monaghan. It reminded me a lot of naturalistic slice of life movies from the 70's. I loved it!!
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Refreshing but Realistic

By Profsuze
Written October 12, 2009
I thought Trucker was a refreshing film because we get iinsight into the life of a woman trucker--something we never see or read about in other media, but it's a reality for thousands of women! It was such a treat, too, to meet the actress who played Diane, and the director--both very modest considering the good work they have turned out with this film. Michelle said she "liked playing working class characters because she herself grew up working class, and this role was honestly more interesting than other parts she has played;" I appreciated that candor, and can relate to it. The film was a touching portrayal of how Diane reconciles her life as an independent, "on-the-road" type with the sudden and unexpected guardianship of her 11 year-old boy, who must stay with her while his father is in the hospital. As mother and child find their way back to some kind of relationship, both characters grow in new ways--but the growth is gradual and realistic (not Hollywood). Thumbs up!
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By chickencap
Written October 11, 2009
Michelle Monaghan really did a great job. It really is a terrific film; and again, Michelle rocks very hard in this.
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Five Word Review

By Mucha
Written August 13, 2010
Monaghan Shows She Can Act!
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