Trouble with the Curve

By lowilkerson
Written July 27, 2016
Great movie! Laughed a little, cried a little. A father/daughter love story. Relationships are complicated but with give and take it can work out and does. It's got chick flick for the girls and sports theme for the guys.
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You will really enjoy this movie

By balboabeachbumb
Written September 22, 2012
Even though the vast majority of the audience was older, I think anyone from teenagers on would really enjoy the movie. Good acting all around, especially from Eastwood and Adams. I was very happy that I went out and saw it this afternoon. I will be telling my friends that they should go see it. I would go back and see it a 2nd time soon. A really good movie. I don't understand why it is showing up as Oh No when you call the movie up. Something wrong at Fandango.
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By halet444
Written September 23, 2012
One of the best I've seen in more than a year. To those that are boycotting because of Clint"s Political Views...if you boycott all actors who give political opinions you're not going to see very many movies and you're not going to see one of Hollywood's greatest actors, directors, producers give an Oscar performance in this one. Great movie, Amy Adams is real star, Timberlake is underrated as an actor, but the story is great in this one, a little predictable, but a feel good movie from the get of the best baseball movies in years.
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Trouble with the Curve

By raco6698
Written July 27, 2016
One of the Best Movies of the year. Clint Eastwood did his usual great job and Justin Timber lake was a very good supporting actor. Anyone that wouldn't watch the Movie because of the great skit he did at the Republican National Convention is very thin skinned and should lighten up. The movie was perfect for all ages and is a great contrast to the story line of the "Money Ball" movie that was out not that long ago.
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Great movie!

By BOZO108
Written June 27, 2016
This is a GREAT movie. It has it all, great actors, great story line, humor, some sad moments, and a nice ending. I think anyone would enjoy this movie. All of the characters work very well together. Clint Eastwood is amazing. I happen to agree with Clint's political views, he is a very WISE man who really cares about this Country. He knows that Obama is dangerous to those of us who love our freedom. PLEASE go see the movie "2016" before you decide who to vote for. Other than FOX, the media has not done their job to report the truth about Obama, so unless you watch FOX, you don't really know Obama.
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